Metos levert al bijna 100 jaar Finse professionele keukens. Wij zijn marktleider in de Scandinavische landen, de Baltische landen en de Benelux-landen en behoren tot de ALI-groep. Metos heeft ongeveer 750 mensen in dienst in tien verschillende landen.

Metos 100 years in 2022

Metos 100 years in 2022

Metalliteos Oy was founded in the spring of 1922 and according to its articles of association, the purpose of the company was “to carry on all kinds of metalworking in the city of Helsinki, with the possibility of extending its activities to other parts of Finland”. The Metos trademark was introduced in the 1940s.

Already in the 20th century we were making metal products from a new material, stainless steel, and the first stainless steel cooking pots were made in 1931 for the Paimio sanatorium.

Today, Metos is still a metalworking company, manufacturing professional kitchen equipment at its factory in Ahjo in Kerava and furniture at Sorsakoski in Leppävirta. Metos has built up a nationwide sales and service organization specializing in turnkey deliveries of complete kitchens. In addition to our own production, the sales programme includes a selection of professional kitchen equipment and accessories from leading international manufacturers.

Over the years, Metos has expanded abroad with the same nationwide sales and service concept, establishing subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, Metos Marine and the plant’s equipment exports operate globally from the Kerava headquarters.

Since the early years of our independence, Metos has been enabling the development and organization of our country’s food supply. We have seen the emergence of school meals and catering, as well as the evolution and diversification of the restaurant sector.

Today, Metos’ superior service package is based on decades of cooperation with customers. Our kitchen design involves combining process and functionality into an ergonomic working environment. Equipment selection ensures customer competitiveness well into the future. User guidance and training will support success from the moment you start using your kitchen. Our service network and local service is the lifetime security of your kitchen.

Today, turnkey delivery is the most desirable and responsible way to deliver both kitchens and individual appliances. We recycle packaging materials and old kitchen appliances, from which the stainless steel collected can be used almost indefinitely and will still be in our kitchens in some form in the next 100 years.